Welcome to the Coyote Community, the community of drivers looking for safe rides and to share the desire for greater solidarity facing road hazards.

This online help will allow you to easily navigate through Coyote.


1 Why create an account ?

2 How to identify yourself on the application?

3 What services are available on the freemium version?

4 What are the services available on the premium version?

5 How to get the Coyote subscription activated on my old phone?

6 How to subscribe to additional options?

7 How to benefit from the speed limits?


1 How to find the information regarding my subscription?

2 How can I find my setting information: bookmarks navigations on another phone?

3 Why can I not use my Coyote on multiple phones simultaneously?


1 How to start an itinerary?

2 How to optimize my travel time?

3 How to personalize my alerts?

4 How to disable the sounds of alerts?

5 How to access the expert mode?

6 How do I know if Coyote users are around me?


With a premium subscription and thanks to the information shared by the Community, you can alert and be alerted in real time when approaching a radar or disruption on the road.

1 Fixed speed cameras

2 Mobile speed cameras

3 The road disruptions

4 How to declare a speed camera on the road?

5 Why do you ask me if the alert is still relevant?

6 Does Coyote work in Europe?

7 How to optimize the connection of my application?